If you’re happy in a dream…does that count? The happiness–does it count?
Arundhati Roy (via cigarattes)
  • Ruki: it's night, huh.
  • Ruki: it's late at night but I wanna get a new earring.
  • Ruki: I want the same 18mm that I have on my right ear, on the left side.
  • marikoyukaru:

    aishiterukii replied to your post:can you imagine being able to draw sth on Ruki’s…

    stop! gbrfvhnlokhzurt

    My dear, AISHITERU RUKI…. imagine being a make up artist~ You go to work… and today your job is to prepare Ruki-sama for the photosession for Stuppy. You tell him to sit…..

    ^ i love her 

    Anonymous: Its nice to see you now more often here on Tumblr again. ♡

    ah thank you! unfortunately i have no internet on my laptop currently but on my phone. (tumblr app doesn’t work so good) thats why i can’t spend much time here :< only when i am at my grannys place or at my friends.

  • Ruki: for some reason, there are nights that I just want to eat okonomiyaki to excess.